Monday, December 20, 2010

While shepherds washed.....

Our neighbour Jo has been troubled for some time with water under her house, to the extent that her backyard has become a swamp. After some time, and an attempt to shift the blame to her downpipes, Southern Water turned up this afternoon to deal with it (and in a typically Tasmanian way the guy in charge was the brother of Jo's ex-housemate).

The water main runs along the edge of the footpath, just in our gardens and to Marty's intense delight an orange digger came to expose it. In truth it was only a baby digger, but it was impressive enough to Marty, and when he was invited to sit in the driver's seat..... well!

What Marty wants to do when he grows up

At the bottom of a deep hole they struck water and traced it back to a leak that was actually in the neighbour's garden (not ours, thankfully, since when they are on the hunt for a leak they just keep going, garden or no garden).

There goes the front garden

The water had to pumped out into the gutter and Marty (who likes a good drain) enjoyed watching it disappear through the grating. Later they had to flush the pipes and Marty got happily wet in what was now Wombara Rivulet, rather reminiscent of the streets of Truro.


What an exciting afternoon!

And a Merry Christmas to all our readers.