Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back in the Home Port

OK, yesterday's post was a fake, in the sense that I was home by then. I hope that doesn't offend blogetiquette!

And now I should just tell what remains of the trip. We arrived in Fremantle ( the port for Perth) on Thursday morning, but we didn't have to leave the ship immediately as they were having two nights in port, so we were able have one more day of luxury and indulgence.

But we spent the day in the charming town of Fremantle, mostly to meet with a colleague and discuss some projects, but there was time in the afternoon to wander the town a bit and to visit the excellent maritime museum.

Freo streescape
Nice day!

Freo: The Roundhouse
A small-scale Panopticon prison for the settlers, not the convicts

Freo: Bathers Beach
Sadly, I didn't have any (bathers, that is)

The museum (or at least the part that I visited) houses remains from several Dutch ships that wrecked on the WA coast in the 1600s. Most notorious was the Batavia, because over 100 of the survivors, stranded on an offshore island, were massacred by others from the ship while the captain was sailing a small boat to the the town of Batavia to get help. The mutineers were caught and executed on the island when the captain returned. The wreck was located some years ago and the remains of the hull was raised and is now preserved in the museum, along with many other items.

Fremantle Maritime Museum
The hull of the Batavia, and an ornamental archway that it was carrying

Our last night on the ship involved many farewells to passengers and crew. Since many of the them are serial cruisers we may meet again.

Fremantle harbour
View from the Rotterdam's dining room

On Friday we had to leave and travel with the plebs again on the three hour flight to Melbourne and the one hour flight (late!) to Hobart. But it was lovely to be home, and the ground has now stopped swaying under my feet.


  1. I've enjoyed your seem to have spent a lot of time researching cuise beers it seems to me.
    Tim was becoming quite an epert at exmoor beers as we had soup in a local pub most nights!
    When you read our blog... all I can say is 'sorry', and maybe we could walk that bit together sometime?
    Keep blogging!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip. lucky bugger :D

    I hope the ground has stopped rocking. What an incredible (if odd) group of people you met too!

  3. Surely there's some blog fodder brewing in there somewhere?