Friday, November 27, 2009

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

A couple of weeks ago it was pumpkins, now it's turkeys.

All over the US turkeys have been hiding, hopelessly, in corners..... it's Thanksgiving!

This is a very nice American tradition, since here is a festival that doesn't involve huge (well, not much anyway) commercial hype and the accumulation of lots of loot. Rather, the idea is to get together with friends and family and enjoy a meal together in thankfulness. But what a meal!

Once again we found ourselves at the house of John, Jo's boss, where he and Joanne generously threw their house open and invited a crowd of friends and colleagues. We were there before midday so that Jac could get a large turkey in the oven, make stuffing etc. As well as the turkey there was a chicken on the rotisserie barbecue, a ham and a raft of vegetables including a green bean casserole (thanks, Lorena), then various pies and pavlovas for dessert.

Jac and Jean doing desperate things to the turkey.

Ready for the oven.
(Sorry, I missed the shot of it coming out!)

Preparing the delicious stuffing.

Chestnuts, bacon, celery, bread etc etc

Big kitchen, communal effort.
But Jac is chef.

Having watched the Macey's parade and the Philadelphia dog show on TV (traditional entertainment at Thanksgiving), and been out for a walk, we sat down to eat at around 4.00 pm, sixteen in all, not counting Roo, who was only an interested (but a very interested) spectator. We were still eating, off and on, and trying to understand American football after 7.00. Young Marty Roo did very well, having a couple of short sleeps and being passed around most females in the room. He enjoys a social occasion.

Watching the Macey's Parade

Lorena's Mum, Linda, brought Roo his very own turkey.
He knew exactly what to do with it.

Table set for sixteeen.

All ready to serve.

On your marks.....
Just after the Thanksgiving Toast.

And where was Josie?


  1. Yum looks delicious!

    Love the picture of Jo looking very thankful for their beautiful boy!

    Looking forward to seeing more photos on your return to OZ.


    Ruth Feeger and big and little "Boys"

  2. What a fantastic effort, by all, and man what a kitchen and with room to move and also have so much space to eat. Food looks like it has come direct from resteraunt. What a sterling effort you have all put in. Congrats.

  3. I am feeling hungry! and very emvious of the space in that kitchen! Andrea and ronnie are "doing" Christmas for probably 8 on 25th and then possibly 10 on Boxing day. But their kitchen is much smaller.Any chance of Jac giving them a hand?

    Yes! Jo, jac and the rest of us have so much to be thankful for, Marty Roo especially. I agree that "giving Thanks" for whatever and everything is so much better than spending so much on things. being together with the people that matter to you is far more important.Even if thaose who are improtant may not be by your side at the time.

  4. PS. I never knew there was no "e" in Macy's!

    And did you know that the day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday, and that it has super sales that start at 4 am?

  5. Nicely captured! Marty was actually really good about the whole thing, given it was a very long day for him. He's so darned good at both rolling over and crawling on the bed that he needs some degree of supervision until he's properly asleep, hence Josie watching over him. Going to have to start lugging his portacot around soon!

    He was terribly interested in the food though, especially Brad's gorgeous magenta cranberry salsa!