Friday, August 27, 2010

A day in the life

I've had a few requests for more "every day" business on this blog, and particularly some information on Grandsons 1 and 2, Angus and George, so I thought I'd tell you about our recent Thursdays.

Hugh teaches on Thursday and Friday, and for the last eight weeks or so Jess has had work placements at rural health centres, so Budda and Granma have been looking after the boys on a Thursday (Jess's Mum, Kym, aka "Bamma", has them on Friday). It's easiest for the boys to be at home, so we go to their place in time to see Jess off and stay at least until Hugh and Jess get home, and usually for dinner.

Georgie Jacket has a midday sleep, but Angus is on the go pretty much all day, so we get a good work out, especially since a lot of the activity is at ground level. Toy cars figure largely in indoor activities; Angus has a rug in his bedroom with printed roads and buildings and he and I spend a lot of time running bus services and repairing the roads. Georgie J is learning fast and although he wails if Angus shuts him out of our bedroom play, he will occupy himself with the cars quite happily for ages. And I have to say that Angus is very good at sharing the toys, at least when he hasn't got something special planned with Budda.

Georgie Jacket

Georgie absorbed with his toys.

An undemanding little fellow.

Jeannie introduced Angus to Plasticene and it has become another favourite play, stretching my creative talents to the limits.

Late winter in Tasmania doesn't encourage a lot of outside play, but there are the chickens to be fed and checked for eggs, and when it's dry Angus has a garden bed where he can do some earth moving. Small boy's energy can be worked off on the trampoline and there's a nice walk down the creek to its little estuary and finally a small beach on North West Bay.

From Hugh and Jess's back step, looking across the yard to Snug Primary School.

The Girls, as Jeannie calls them.
One of the white ones has become an escapologist.

Angus, earthmoving.
The folded towel is for Budda's knees.

Angus, preparing for his career in the circus.

Pretty good on the trampoline, too.

Jeannie and Angus.
With other houses going up all around, there's always something to watch out of the window.

So we have a happy day; Angus always has things he wants to do and Georgie Jacket is so good-natured and obliging.


  1. OK, I know, first posting again....

    Just to say that I'm sorry that I don't seem to be able to make the pictures enlarge when clicked. I'll have to talk to Jac about it.

  2. Ahhh, those cousins are so darn cute!
    Lovely photos Papa, doesn't make the Tassie winter look all that bad, guess a shot of the mountain and all the snow would fix that . . .

  3. Lovely pics there Uncle A, I liked your description of carrying out repairs on Angus's rug!
    Must be interesting to see the other houses being built around the area! I'm still waiting on Jess to get some photos of the house on facebook....

  4. Lovely to read and see the pics... thank you :-)

  5. Lovely to see the boys and what you all get up to on Thursdays!
    Lovely fun.
    More please!

  6. Hello Alistair and Jeannie, Thanks for swapping birthday dinner night this week. Jamie's sudden roster changes are a nuisance! Imogen is really looking forward to having you all over. Have had a lovely time going over all the recent posts - the photos and tales are wonderful. Missouri looks so lush and fertile. See you soon. Love The WUrfs