Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rejuvenated Shack

Our little shack has been looking weary and unloved for quite a while (it's over a year since Hugh helped me to replace the rotten weatherboards on the windward side), but in the last few weeks great leaps forward have been made.

The flashings around the roof have all been covered in metal, thus rendering them weatherproof for ever, effectively. The walls have all been painted and new doors upstairs and down are being fabricated from uPVC as I write. We hope to have them fitted in a month or less. And that will pretty much complete what needs to be done outside for quite a while.

Incidentally, the pics below are a little misleading; they were taken in a brief window of sunshine that has since closed again. At least it's not raining now, but the gale is now blowing from the north west instead of the north east.

Brilliant new shack.
Window frames and old chimney piece now white.

New Fuchsia bed on the eastern side.
The brick blue is not quite as blue as this appears.

Shack from below.
The brick blue is less intense in the shadow of the deck.

Shack from west.
So tidy!


  1. The shack looks wonderful :-)
    May I come and stay for a couple of months when no-one else is using it?

  2. Ah it looks awesome! What a huge change :D I like both blues, although hard to tell from photos I'm sure. The bottom will have all sorts of lovely greenery covering it anyway. Can't wait to get back there (fishing rod in hand) and see it for real.

    And Ruthie, what kind of question is that?! Please!!

  3. Argh, not sure about that bottom blue at all, you sure they picked the colour we did????? Might just be the photos!
    Looks very smart either way, and when the plants grow up that corner will be lovely.
    Well done, planning to call you in a bit! Hope the school talk went well.
    And Ruthie, NO you can't stay there . . . least not on your own, we want to be there with you!

  4. Thanks, faithful blog-readers. Lovely glittery day here today and I had a grand time with the kids from BH Primary. Apparently young Estefana from next door had been telling them I was coming all last week!

    Ruthie, you can come WHENEVER YOU LIKE!