Sunday, March 20, 2011

Change of scene (and season)

Well here we are in the UK, after a fairly painless journey via Hong Kong.

We are staying with Jean's sister Ruth in Pavenham, a small village not far from Bedford in the east Midlands. And of course it's early spring here, not autumn any more, and when we pulled the curtains back this morning (fairly early, thanks to the time-shift) the world was coated in white frost.

Frosty morning in Pavenham

Lots of cold wood pigeons warming up in the sun

But the day was cloudless and by mid-morning it was warm enough to sit outside and read the paper. Needing to adjust our clocks we got out in the sunshine to walk some of the lanes and footpaths that abound in this part of the world.

Country lane near Pavenham

Early spring here means snowdrops, celandines, primroses and daffodils. The trees are just coming into leaf and the hazels are covered in catkins; all very English and charming.

Snowdrops, mostly finished now

Celandines, with their yellow enamel petals

Jeannie enjoying the catkins

It was so nice that we even missed the second half of Scotland beating Italy at the rugby for another walk in the afternoon, but got back in time to see Ireland beat England: hurrah for the Celtic Fringe!


  1. Awwww lovely stuff, thanks Papa!
    Glad you had two walks, it looked like a great day for it.
    We're delighted you found time to post and share it with us.
    Spent today shopping for the Texans at Salamanca and then headed down the Huon to see some Alpacas much to Marty's joy! (Although he kept calling them Llamas)
    Your clothes are currently getting blown dry on our line AND we are having your runner beans for our tea tonight,
    Jose (and Jac and Puddle)

  2. More!! Please more! I need pics of the gals and more of the garden an such! Demanding I know but I miss Ruthie and we're already missing you both.

    I made green tomato hotsauce from all the tomatoes Marty has been helpfully harvesting for us and we saved you a jar only later realising how long it would be until you were back! We ate it on potato scones instead :D

  3. Well enjoy the northern climes...Jealous.Pure and simple! Not that I even have one little seagull leg to stand on. Still jealous though.:)
    Tell us more please.
    Hobart Ruth

  4. Aaah, it looks just beautiful. I love Spring! But look at that gorgeous countryside and super-pretty back to our weeks worth of rain...!!