Monday, March 5, 2012

New post: New Baby!!

Facebook travels faster than blogs, so most people will know that Annabel Elizabeth Rose Richardson arrived today (5 March) at about 2.50 am after the shortest labour in living memory (about half an hour in the hospital!). Delivered by one midwife and the proud Dad. Well done, son, and even weller done Jess.

The little one is gorgeous and my immediate impression is that she is already quite self-possessed: feeding well, sleeping well and generally taking to this life out of doors.

Photos follow, taken this morning when she was less than 12 hours old.

Annabel & Bamma (aka Kym Headley)


Careful, Budda!

Proud Granma.

With her rabbit.

And how will these guys take to her?


  1. Well done Big Al, for those of us without facebook these blogs are fantastic. I think she ie AERR looks alot like Andrea did at the same age, but then do they all look the same? probally not really I think. Everyone is looking fine, but where are the proud parents?
    Pass on my love to them.

  2. I second that... I am a facebook free zone too so blog's my source of all info :-)
    She looks gorgeous, well done to all, and lovely photos

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  4. Although we looked at the pictures as soon as they were posted we forgot to respond straight away. Annabel looks very sweet and beautiful, hope she is settling in well!! x

  5. Well done Grandpa, They are all beautiful pictures, but you need to get the children together and one red dog, and take some more to update us all, as you seem to be the only proud grandparent there, to take some. They don't have to be perfect, just anything, so we can see our little man grow, and it won't be such a shock to see him.
    Hugs to you both.
    Michele xoxo