Saturday, January 24, 2009


The windy weather didn't last long, and at this rate neither will the remains. Disposing of garden waste is always a problem, but we deal with ours mostly with an electric muncher. So the nectarine and the other branches are disappearing as I write into the maw of the chipper, and the product goes on the garden to mulch the vegies.

Jeannie and the muncher

Wasted nectarines!
Too early to ripen. Boo hoo.

But there are still the peaches.
If the wattlebirds don't get them all.

Now I'm sure you have all noted that it's Jeannie dealing with the fearsome machine. True, but what you haven't seen is me doing manly work with the chainsaw to reduce the larger branches to lengths small enough to go in the stove later on.

(I'll bet you think I carve the meat too...... wrong).


  1. Go Jeannie!

    I can't help but wonder if you could make hot Indian pickle from the green nectaries, like the hot lime pickle that Clare makes?

    The peach tree looks well laden though, yummy!

  2. Hi "Big A" and Jean,

    Josie suggested I look at your blog. What amazing photo's and am so envious of the sea, with its forever changing colours and views. You haven't posted any fishing catches yet!

    Sad about your nectarine tree though the peaches live on. Yeah.
    Boy you were lucky you didn't park the car in the drive at home. Funny how these things happen and you look back and say wow, what could have been.

    Keep up the blog, you are doing really well and, it IS interesting.


  3. Thanks, Michele. It's good to know there are >two< people reading the blog.

    We keep up to date with your news via Jo.

  4. Good to see Jeannie at work in the garden!
    The hot Indian Pickle idea sounds grand to me!