Saturday, January 17, 2009

This is a record

We really hate it when the Last Day at the shack is clear, blue and glittering, as it is this morning, so we are dragging the chain: breakfast on the deck, then a walk on the beach, and now some blogging. Anything rather than settling down to cleaning up and packing.

Breakfast on the deck
You can't see the dolphins in this shot, but they were there.

But I must record a Special Event. This morning we completed The Australian (aka The Times) cryptic crossword for the third day in a row!! All done. No electronic aids. Well, the dictionary and the atlas, but surely everyone uses them? Not a bad way to finish up our week here.

Three in a row!
Note the jottings.

For those of you unlucky enough not to have been to Boat Harbour Beach a few pics follow; for those of you who have: eat your hearts out.

Steps to the beach.
How will we find a spot amongst those crowds?

Shacks at Boat Harbour.
The older, traditional ones

Boat Harbour rock pool.
Table Cape in the distance

But now gotta go home. Back soon.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,
    I want to be there so badly it hurts!
    What a perfect blue day.

  2. Oh wow these photos are gorgeous! What a perfect day, apart from having to pack up! Wish we could be there although it doesn't look like you need help with the crossword :D

  3. Home now, but the memory lingers on.

    Sorry to cause pain across the world, but it was a gorgeous morning.

  4. My first attempt to comment was a complete disasster. I hope this one succeeds. I have had a practice further back and i think I now know what i am supposed to do!

    I am envious of you spending time at such a lovely place, the colours are beautiful and I can imagine the warmth! We actually had blue sky for a couple of hours here in the UK and the temp was a glorious 8c! The mud at the water park was exceptionally squidgy, and the birds were nothing remarkable, Canada geese , mallard seagulls and coots, seen either at feeing points or a long way off. Its cold now so I am going in hunt of a warm jumper and a cup of tea!!!!

  5. Isn't this fun! Beginning to get the hang of it..

    Enjoying sharing... it's lovely to see Boat Harbour again... idyllic.