Monday, April 6, 2009

Andrea and Ronnie get married

I am now in Bolton at my sister's, after spending the weekend in Leeds (or Morley to be more exact), where my niece Andrea was married to Aaron Smith, generally known (to our side of the family at least) as Ronnie.

We all met up at a hotel on Friday afternoon. Andrea's side of the family was represented just by her parents, brother Robert and me, whereas Ronnie has a shirtload of rellies, mostly from Liverpool. That was why it was important for me to be there.

The ceremony on Saturday was in Morley town hall, a grand building that could be described as a Victorian pile, oozing the civic pride of those days. All was going well and on schedule until the moment when the bridal party realised that Andrea's flowers were still at the hotel, but some low flying by a brother-in-law collected them and things got under way just 10 minutes late.

Pictures follow, more or less in chronological order.

Bridal party in Morley town hall.
No flowers!

The vows.

Signing the register.

The happy couple.

Civic splendour.
Group photo in the town hall. The photographer was great.

Andrea looked gorgeous, and together they made a handsome couple. Photographs were taken from every possible angle inside, and also outside on the grand steps, where it was a little bit windy.

On the steps inside the town hall.

A bit breezy outside!

On the steps outside.

Then there was a coach to the reception, where there was food, drink, speeches and dancing for all ranks (at least those whose ears could tolerate the volume) until midnight when the coach came and took us home again. A good time was had by all, except for Ronnie's nephew who was sick all day, poor boy.

At the reception.
The speech from the bride's father, Chris.

Cutting the cake.

It was a very happy occasion and I'm glad I was there. The happy couple are off to Majorca for a week, leaving tomorrow, and they are even happier today because they have just learned that the offer they made recently on a house has been accepted!


  1. Good photos, was that young Kiara as flower girl? Andrea did look lovely.Enjoy the remainder of your stay
    Love Jeannie

  2. Yep, that was Kiera. Talk about a camera hog! She had a great day (just turned six).

  3. The photos are great Alastair! We've seen a few photos from different people so far but these are pretty good!
    So glad you could come, it's a shame Auntie Jean couldn't see my dress as she would have loved the embroidery but we understand that she couldn't be there.
    It was nice to have an extra family member on my side of the family as there were about 16 members of his family there!!
    Love Andrea x

  4. It was great to be there. And great news about the house!!

  5. Ooh so good to finally get a chance to catch up on these!I wish we could have been there too but thanks for documenting for thems of us who were there in spirit.

    I can vouch for the embroidery on the dress. Jeannie would have loved it.

  6. Second time. I am ew at this so I hopw this time It actually gets to you!
    It was really good to have you with us for the wedding event. It made it more complete. It the rest of the tribe could have been with us as well that would have been even better.

    AS usual the photos were good and your coleection of the day posted here make a good account of the day.

    Fingers Xed that this gets posted! Kate