Saturday, July 11, 2009

A certain curtain (and Elna the Mighty)

Visitors to the shack will know that the wet weather drives straight into the side of the house, and that on more than one occasion water has got under the sliding doors, soaking the bottom of the long curtains there and staining them.

While I was away gallivanting with the science teachers diligent Jeannie set to work to replace the curtains. This is a big job, apparently, with much careful measuring, anxious cutting and endless modifications to cope with curtain rods that aren't quite horizontal. She completed the two big ones while I was away and looks set fair to finish the other two today, before we head home tomorrow.

The sewing room

The seamstress

New curtains in place
(And check out the weather!)

And I should put in a plug for Elna the Mighty, Jeannie's little sewing machine, which has done sterling work on this and so many other projects in its career of well over thirty years. It even went to Pakistan with Sue Morton, as well as being lugged all over the place by us. Statutory declaration: we receive no favours from the Elna company for this endorsement.

Elna the Mighty


  1. ... a posting roll eh? I'd better think of something to write on mine...

    Lovely to see Jeannie and the curtains - looking excellent (both!).

    Chaos reigns here with my 3 babies/adults back home! - i ought to post a pic of our hallway!

    love to both

  2. Hi Papa,
    I think today is your last day at the shack? Wish we were there as well. Am very impressed by Jeannie's new curtains they look very smart! I think that almost all the clothes Jeannie ever made me were created on the Mighty Elna! What an impressive little machine!
    Jac is busy hand stitching some toys for Tango, they are lovely (I think it's a last attempt to convince him to come out!)
    Josie, Pog and Tango

  3. Ahh Elna, how I wish I knew how to sew, really sew. The curtains look wonderful. Can't wait to check them out in the flesh, so to speak. Ahh Boat Harbour, one day we shall return! Just not on that *$%# Wynnyard flight of doom.

  4. The curtains look great and what a huge job, as I would know from past experience, but made even harder when there is a straight eye and a different measurement on the rods. Looks really good.

    Well our grandchild is on his way, so news soon. I think I have prayed myself silly, so too Michael, as it is a hard wait.

    Hugs to you both,


  5. Hurrah for the Elna - I have one too, but mine looks like they were thinking of breaking into the jerry-can market - the green metal industrial look. But leather, canvas, denim, sailcloth, even the occasional garment or curtain (not to compare with Jeannie's effort though) - all dealt with.
    And Hurrah for baby boys, and the concept of longing for pooey nappies, or would that be diapers . .