Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stop Press!! Tuesday, Tuesday

"I said it first", said Little Fuzzipeg.

Tuesday Martyn Tango etc has arrived!

All well, very thankful.


  1. it is 3.27 am and i have kept checking... wonderful ... ( i can go to sleep now !

  2. Bless you, Ruthie. The time difference was kinder to us: breakfast time!

  3. Hurrah! So exciting!! I was checking but then knew it wouldn't be on Jac's blog, and so I made myself stop. Read text as I came out of the operating thatre (probably should have been breakfast time but urologists start early!!)

  4. Andrea let me know. Well done everyone/ So pleased.
    Looking forward to the pictures! Great Aunt Kate

  5. Congratulations to the elated grandparents, from the elated grandparents here. Can't believe that her labor was soquick in that it was 8hrs. Jac was 28 hrs, but she was a footling breech, in the end, paid for it though as she had a dislocated hip.

    Just so happy for them and our prayers are answered that Martyn is safe, and would you believe, born on a Tuesday. Won't live that one down, just hope he is "meek and mild, as a Tuesday child".