Friday, August 7, 2009

Boat Harbour Bulletin

I believe our small (but select) readership will appreciate a short bulletin from the shack, if only to take their minds away for a while.

We are here briefly to meet the builder who is going to install our new windows in the kitchen and bathroom in the coming weeks. Jarrod Poke turns out to be a young bloke from Wynyard who lived in Kingston Beach (Auburn Road!) for a while, and was taught by Alan Snare. We were very happy with him and confident to leave him a key so that he can just get on with it when the windows are made.

Lots of Pokes up this way

Jarrod will soon be building the replacement shack at the prime end-of-the-road West Bay site where the old shack was half blown away (not very well built, Jarrod said). At our last visit it was being dismantled, and now it's gone altogether, and the old slab is being broken up. We hope the new place has a design to complement what must be one of the all-time great sites (even if it is a bit windy). Who could complain about having albatrosses gliding past 100m or so away?

The West Bay shack: going
That Beamer has been sitting outside, unloved, for weeks


Of course we have made a weekend of it, and so far the weather has been wild (overnight) and then classic BH winter: clear blue sky darkened periodically as cold squalls blow over the top of the hill. The albatrosses like it, and so do we. On our walk this afternoon we had five eagles in sight at once: two sea eagles and three wedgetails!

The office ain't bad either.

It's really good for your eyes to have a long view when you're working on the computer

Oh, and because he was on the camera, here's grandson #1 in his natural habitat.

Angus playing cars with Budda


  1. Grandson #1 looks very like his dad and that rug is wearing very well, it must be about 50 years old now! the car track looks very interesting too. I'd like to play with that!

    Weather at BH looks better that it is here, though there is a bit of sun today which I may venture out is soon. - to post another parcel to grandson #3! Lets see more of grandson #2, I feel he is being missed out a bit!

    Love to all, Kate

  2. Thanks for the update. Nice office ;)

    Was a bit of a shock seeing that shack gone - what an amazing opportunity to do something with that site! We'll see I guess.

    Word verification: eatize (hehe) the proportion of your body made up of cheese and pate other vittles!

  3. Lovely to see Angus, I agree with Kate... more Grandson pictures please... :-)

    Must come out to BH sometime and see all the changes for myself!

    We have Meriel staying at the moment - I must post a blog soon!

    Love to both

  4. Ruthie, you would be so welcome! Come any time. Well, not Oct & Nov this year, because we'll be in Texas!