Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Third Man

It's true, there is another grandson, and I fear we have been guilty of neglecting him in these pages, so here are some pictures of Curious George.

What can I tell you about him? He's four months old now, he's a great watcher (especially of his Mum) and he thinks his big brother is wonderful, even though he's a bit rumbustious at times. I can also testify that he's a little furnace: always a very warm cuddle. Not sure yet where he gets his looks and his nature; not obviously a Richardson, at any rate. Time will tell.

Here he is, getting dressed on our front room floor.

Love my Mum!

Two little boys
(Cue Rolf Harris)

So grown up, when you're going on two and a half.

But wait! There's more. We all (well, all less three) had dinner at the Mortons last night, so here's a bonus pic of a couple of old grandfathers and their grandsons.

Only a lite beer at that stage, I promise.
That's George and me, Russell and Campbell.


  1. OK, I know there's font change at the end there, but blowed if I can find out how to fix it.

  2. Thank you :-)Lovely pics - what a bright little button George is! Angus looks so like Phil did, I shall have to dig out some pics to compare. Brilliant to see the little chaps, and the 'old ones' too!

    Not sure what commenting on your own blog (before anyone else has) is a sign of? There's probably a word verification for it out there somewhere !

  3. Sign of a need to get out more, I reckon!

    But it was a wet afternoon.

  4. Lovely photos! What a smiley boy he is!! I love the pic of the happy Papas as well :)

    Thanks for the pics of George, it is lovely to see more of him. He has such lovely delicate arms! I'm so used to seeing the arms of our 'little' buddha...

    (word verification: Shand - an after work drink lacking a sense of self)

  5. Well done! Three cheers for George, (for who?, for Pooh, Why what did he do?, I thought you knew! he saved his friend from a wetting? Etc)

    I agree, not sure who he resembles, maybe Hodder or Headingly genes might be getting a look in.
    But he looks a lovely wee thing, not at all the new baby blob now. The Smile is goregeous.
    As you say 2 and a half is very grown up especially when you have a little brother to look after. Big responsibilities there.
    Send them all my love too.

  6. Sorry, forgot to sign that one. But you've probably guessed...
    Love Kate

  7. Just had a peek at your blog, to be greeted by more babies. The Gran hormones have kicked in badly. Lovely pics, thank you.