Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Texas Again

Here we are back in Texas again, almost exactly two years since we were here caring for Marty when he was just three months old. We're here to join in the celebrations for the wedding of Lorena Havill (one of Jac's colleagues, and the person who sent us that wonderful "edible arrangement": see Oct 2009) to Cullen Jones, who we also met back then.

Everyone loves a wedding.

And we are, of course, part of the support team for Master Marty Richardson, aka The Whirlwind, who seems set to steal the show, though I'm pleased to say that he is still at an age where he is blissfully unaware of the attention that he attracts.

Marty fishing at Brackenridge Park.
The goldfish in Uncle John's pond have been getting a hard time.

The journey here was pretty painless, considering that it involved a direct flight from Sydney to Dallas, and it was certainly a pleasure to arrive in Dallas rather than Los Angeles. Marty slept for many hours, and coped with the rest, apart from some demands to "go outside now?".

The wedding and its associated social events passed off very well. The ceremony was held outdoors in Brackenridge Park, which worked well for Marty and several other kids who were there, since not only was there water and ducks, but also a small train!

Brackenridge Park train.
Marty was wide-eyed at the suggestion he could ride it.

The bride, with friends and relations.

Jo reading a poem.
And making everyone cry.

Marty and the Pinata.
Papier mache effigies of the happy couple, full of sweets. The kids were invited to beat them with a stick until they burst. That's how they do it here!

We are here for three weeks, so there is every chance of another blog post or two before we return home.


  1. Hooray - a blog entry! I was very pleased to get a text from Jo-Jo to know you all arrived safely and that the flights over went well with Mr Marty. She'd said the Wedding was 'magical', so it was nice to see some photos. The girls look great! And a train at the Wedding AND a pinata, what a treat for Marty!

  2. Lovely to see read your news.. I'n been avidly checking... now I must get mine done!!

    Glad journey went so well.. hoping for more soon... love to all


  3. What a lovely post. I love seeing the pictures!
    Glad the flights were Ok and that the wedding was enjoyable.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip! Anri, Ronnie & Sophie (who I keep having to pull away from the fireplace!)

  4. Lovely to see the wedding photos (yes everyone does love a wedding), and as britt said - so many fun things for Marty to do at the wedding! Hamish liked the fishing photo! Good to see everyone looking nice frocked up.
    Good to hear all is going well, and look forward to hearing more updates.
    Love from short St mob.

  5. Looks like you are both having a lovely time in Texas. You will be both pleased to hear that your house is still standing (garden growing beautifully in this weather). Enjoy your weekend, Lara