Friday, November 18, 2011

What we did in Texas

Well, that should probably read "What Marty did in Texas", because when you're with a two year old he tends to dominate the schedule. But that's fine, except perhaps that we're not getting enough exercise to balance the intake of all that fine food.

So what did we do?

We went to the swings a lot. These were at Orsinger Park and popular with many small folk. And we found out just where to find the black squirrel.

This was a playground within Uncle John's gated community.

We ate at the diner. This was at California Pizza Kitchen and they provided good stuff for kids.

We drank some good ol' Texas beer. (Hold on, that must have been me).

We discovered stuff in the bush. He much preferred to be off the track.

There are probably bitey things out there, but Marty likes to turn over every log and rock. No idea where he gets that from.

We found some lovely deer statues at Huebner Oaks shopping plaza. There's a whole series of them, leaping along the pathways.

We went to Starbucks. It was Marty's first Starbucks, and he dressed for the occasion.

We went to Enchanted Rock State Park, where the trees were all turning and the wind blew their leaves down in clouds.

We found a Texas BBQ. Recognise the shape? We're about 14 bars up and bit to the right. Actually all fires in the open are strictly banned since this part of the country has been in serious drought for a couple of years.

We went "fishing" in the Frog Pond at Enchanted Rock. Marty is prepared to "fish" in any body of standing water.

We found a lovely little stream at Enchanted Rock, clear water over pink granite gravel. Marty said "This is the best water in the world".

We played in Auntie Joanne's back yard with Oliver the cat. The cat adopted us as we walked home one evening, and Joanne (who already has two inside cats) couldn't bear to part with him. The box came from Amazon with his outdoor cat igloo (in "Mouse Grey").

We went out for breakfast tacos on San Pedro.

And that little summary has missed all the shopping......

Jean and I return to Tasmania in a few days, but Marty's Texan adventure goes on for another three weeks. So much more to come.


  1. Brilliant... brought a smile to my face thank you :-)
    Safe journeys home....

  2. Brilliant post Uncle A. Looks like you're all having a great time, and Marty too with all those playgrounds and fishing. I like the looks of those breakfast tacos Yummy!!
    Safe trip home
    , Andrea, Ronnie &Sophie xx

  3. Thanks for the update! It all looks like a lot of fun :) See you both soon!

  4. Breakfast tacos make me very hungry just now - did they have good decorations up too?
    Great to see an update and that all is going well in whirlwind Marty style. Look forward to seeing you 2 soon, and the other 3 in a few weeks. Xx

  5. Your post brought smiles and tears to my face. So lovely that you can share the experience with him again, now that he is older and not such a baby. Thanks again. X X His other grandparents.