Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Back at the shack

Jo says I must post at least two blogs while we're here at Boat Harbour for a week. So this is the first. We haven't been here for some months, so I need to show you what happens when you stay away that long.

The grass grows long.

Ants invade the kitchen.

New shacks pop up like mushrooms.

A row of new poles appears along the top of the beach.

And gales of wind (a mini-tornado, we hear) wreak havoc around the place. Our BBQ, left on the deck in the hope that someone would steal it, was blown over, despite heavy steel plates and a boulder on top to keep the lid on. Good thing it didn't blow through the glass doors.

But our problems were miniscule compared to what happened to the desirable (in situation, anyway) End Shack.

I guess that's the price you pay for having the most exposed site in the whole place.

Quite a few trees felt the force of the storm as well, though the damage was very localised, supporting the idea of a small twister.

But even on the third day of winter it's still lovely to arrive here and find the place warm and snug. With the fire on downstairs, and the gaps in the bathroom louvre windows blocked with newspaper, it is very cosy. Just right for our books and the crossword.

It's starting to get gloomy even now at 3.30, and we've already had our walk around the beach (18 bird species, despite the gale). Soon it will be time to stoke up the fire, make something hearty for dinner and open a bottle of good Australian shiraz.

Wish you were here.


  1. Well done, Jo, I say 'cos that was a great blog :-)
    Cosy and snug sounds wonderful to me. We have had hot, hot, hot weather and are welcoming some respite with a cloudy day today.The ground is rock solid so haven't been able to dig it ready for the runner beans tho' most other stuff is doing well.

  2. Ahhhh Papa,
    Lovely to see photos!
    New shack? What a surprise and looks rather nice too.
    As for the furthest shack at West Bay, it really is my favourite location (mostly due to that spectacular view in your last photo) but it did take a beating. Thanks for posting, wish we were there with you both. Although only Jac can enjoy the wine.
    With love,
    Jose, Jac and Baby Tango

  3. Yay, great to have you back. So good to see BH photos but no good on the destruction side!

    I'm sure Jeannie will have the ants under control in no time :)

    Where is that new shack? I can't pick the spot!

    Have a red for me :)

    (btw - word verification was conei - the shape of a certain politician's head according to your lovely wife)

  4. The tiny new shack is at the top of the hill above us. We're pleased that it is so modest as a monstrosity would have been a real eyesore on that site.

    The ants stand no chance!

  5. Hi to you both,

    I agree with Jo, lovely to see photo's. I can understand that there was a bit of a blow around, due to all the press coverage, in your area.

    I felt I was there with you, as you did a great tour. The poor shack, in the desired position. Why have they not done something to fix it?

    Those ants are quite a pest, and I absolutely hate them inside, especially when they were not invited.

    Bit of a shame the BBQ didn't walk, but perhaps it better just go to the tip instead.

    Bye for now,