Saturday, June 6, 2009

More storm: Inglis River

One of our favourite afternoon walks is the 6 km or so up and down the Inglis River estuary at Wynyard. Tramping round there the other day showed more evidence of the violence of the storm a few weeks ago.

The track had evidently been closed for a while since it would have taken some time to saw up all the trees that had fallen across the path.

It was striking how many trees were simply blown over, but actually snapped off halfway up. That may suggest a sudden violent gust rather than a prolonged blow. Anyway, there were many of them.

PS This may be an LBU (Least Bloggable Unit), but I have to keep up my quota.

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  1. Your photo's are amazing, no really, they are great shots. Makes me sad I'm not near the North West coast, but keep the blog coming.