Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grey is good

We have barely seen the sun in our short week here at Boat Harbour, but not only is the rain very welcome (especially down there in SE Tasmania), but the overcast skies and very clear air give a lovely light.

Sisters Creek, where it reaches the beach

This afternoon we walked the eastern half of Sisters Beach, just round the corner from BH, forcing our way through the immense crowds of people (ooh, maybe five all up?) and enjoying the views and the birds.

Rocky Cape from Sisters Beach

East end of Sisters Beach

Rocks and pools, Sisters Beach

Sisters has a very different character to Boat Harbour: more extensive, more houses, not as cosy, nor as pretty, but it's still a good place for a walk on the beach, even on a grey day. Our usual walk is up the beach and then back along the unsealed road that runs behind the beach. That way we get the sea birds for half the walk and the bush birds for the other half.

Yesterday we had a brief visit from a fierce-looking Brown Goshawk in the garden, and this afternoon we saw another (or could it have been the same bird?) dashing along the edge of the scrub at the top of the beach, hoping to surprise some unlucky honeyeater.

Far east end of Sisters Beach

The track back

When we got back to Boat Harbour the light was still grey on grey, so I took a pic of Table Cape through the telescope. Always reminds me faintly of the Parson & Clerk rock between Dawlish and Teignmouth, for those who know South Devon.

Table Cape from Boat Harbour

Now it has got chilly again, so the fire has been lit and Jean has just put a casserole of beef in red wine in the oven. Another tough evening ahead.


  1. Lovely photies. I thought Jeannie would decide it was perfect weather for a fire :D

  2. Hehe word verification was overlity - the propensity to set too many fires within a given space of time

  3. Lovely photos!
    It's funny my brain is getting so used to a warm climate and I had to remind myself that the rock pool would be very cold to paddle in!
    It would be nice to have a walk along the beach on a grey day and the rain would be a very welcome treat.
    Thanks for posting (twice)!
    Jose and Tango

  4. Must say I enjoyed your photo's immensely, thank you for the tour.

    I love, and miss the North West Coast so much, especially the beaches. Have fun and keep warm.