Monday, October 5, 2009

Here at Last!

Getting up at 3.45 am was well worth it. The whole trip went very smoothly and we had the best Premium Economy seats on the plane: just behind the Business Class section, so we were in good shape when we arrived in Los Angeles, and despite the horrendous queue to get through security and onto the flight to Dallas, the flight there and on to San Antonio were easy, and in overall we were only 20 minutes late.

A380 Airbus.
We didn't get to fly in one (maybe on the way home), but this one is for Angus.

Jo was waiting for us, and San Antonio had laid on a very moderate day with temperature just in the high 20s and in no time we were at Heubner Oaks and meeting Marty Roo and Jac. He is, as we all guessed, a darling and in no time we were getting big smiles. Since then we have been out for a couple of walks with him, off to the supermarket and even to church. There are a couple of other people who seem to be hanging around; they prepare food and look after him when he cries. Their names begin with J......., but Marty is definitely the Main Event.

But seriously, tomorrow we take over full responsibility when Jo and Jac set off for work. We've practised the feeding, the changing and the pacifying, so I hope we'll be OK. Watch this space.

The rarely-photographed Jac and Marty.

Granma getting in some practise.

And we have domestic duties, too.


  1. Hurrah! Lovely to have some more sets of hands, not to mention thems attached to them :)

  2. It looks like a lovely Richardson gathering.. wish the rest of us extended Richardsons could hang out too! Good luck taking over day time carer duties - I'm sure you'll love nearly every minute of it!

    And thanks for the much un-photographed Jac (with the slightly more photographed Roo!)

  3. Thank you so much Big A, for a photo of Jac & Marty Roo. Yes they are in very, very short supply.
    We shall be thinking of you both, but also for your special girl, as she returns to work, which shall be so difficult for her to be without her little man, for so many hours in the day, when they have spent every living moment together. But he couldn't be in better hands. Wish we could help.
    Thanks again and all the very best with those grandparent duties.

  4. Michele & Michael: We'll do our best to keep you up to date, and get photos of rare species. Hopefully we will re-develop those parenting skills! A bit tentative at the moment as we get to know the little chap.

  5. Great. Love the photos especially seeing Jac! and Jean of course. Now we want ones of Big A!!!

    My heart goes to Jo tho, I do hope the return to work went without a hitch and the separation wasnt too traumatic. I didnt have to leave Andrea till she was 6 months old and that was only for a few hours, and of course she was left with Dad , Biffy and Reg in about 6 terry nappies. Changing was the one thing they refused to do!

    Looking forward to hearing all the news, suitable photographed, and in case Angus and george read this my love goes to them too.

    GA Kate

  6. Thankyou for the picture of the plane I really liked it! Today I went to playgroup and played with Mav, I played on my tractor with the trailer and then we all went for a walk in the pram to see the broken jetty and see if the gate was closed at DruPoint. Daddy and I played cars too.
    I Love Bada and Grandma.
    Hi guys, Angus wanted to say all of the above to you guys - he then went on to tell me that when you come back from Texas on the aeroplane you'll land on the road, so the cars won't be able to go on it! Anyway, it's bedtime so I will go, love to you both, Jess ( and thanks GA Kate for your love to the boys!)