Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mostly for Roo-watchers

Week one is will be complete in a few hours! It doesn't seem that long yet.

We are settling into a routine, and it's pretty simple. We see the girls off at 9-ish and go out for a walk pretty much straight away, touring the local shopping malls and the quieter streets (not many of those!). Since this area is a mosaic of apartment complexes, which are all fenced and gated, and shopping malls, there are few places to walk. But the malls are pleasant enough and when we are a bit more confident of Marty's sleeping patterns there are several coffee places to settle in, or outside of, for a while.

Inside, it's sleep-play-feed on a fairly short cycle until the girls get home between 5.00 and 6.00. Rather like his mother and grandfather, Marty does not waken smoothly from daytime sleeps, so we are now prepared for a short period of grizzles when he gets up.

A few pictures of daily activities follow.

Meeting Myla
Marty's downstairs neighbour, a real cutie. They smiled at each other.

Games with Papa.
Hard on the neck! (Mine, I mean)

Granma is better at calming him down.

Bathtime is always a hit.

Shampoo and set.

Thanks, Mum.

And finally.....
There's a lot of stereotyping about blokes and nappies, sorry, diapers. Anyone can do it.


  1. What a great post. It tells exactly your days, and is nice to know. Sorry about your neck, perhaps a bit more of the exercise, and it will get stronger. Loved the finish to bathtime with you doing the nappy, sorry diaper thing.
    Thanks again for more photo's as we are hanging out to see the little one and his parents and grandparents. Love looking at post.

  2. Michele: I think my neck will get stronger pretty quickly! It's going to get lots of practice. I'll try to keep you up to date with what's happening here.

  3. Your blogs tell it from a fresh, loving grandparents side of things, not that our girls blogs are bad, and we all flock to them, but yours comes from a loving grandparents side, and makes a good read.

    The weekend now, so the girls will be fussing over the little man, especially one in particular. Poor thing having to go back to work, but you are just so wonderful to do what you are both doing. Love the photo's of Granma J with a peaceful babe asleep, on her chest. Just lovely and so natural.

    Please don't go into the cooking, you can heat a bottle up, but that is all :-)

  4. Lovely! Good to see what your day is like. Baths are always good. Along with your neck you will be strengthening the abdominals which is turn will help your back. You could trade Marty out as a home gym.....!
    Keep up the good work and love to everyone.


  5. Enjoy the days when the pain in the neck is simply physical, and calming down can be achieved by cuddling into Granma! After two weeks of struggling to deal with a deluge of distressed teenagers at work, I dream of such simple solutions (which actually might still work, if available). Not that we are expecting Marty to be a problem teenager but even so, it is all so complicated for the little darlings. Given that a deluge, once started, takes some mopping up over time - swap???

  6. I love all of your photos, Alastair, it's nice to see a bit of the daily life captured for us to see! I'm glad it's all going so well for you all and that you've got a great routine happening. Love Britt.

  7. And he's changing already: distance vision getting better and reaching for things with more precision. I'll try to post again soon.

  8. Belated, but Happy Birthday Jean. Sounds like it was a good night and spent at a nice restaurant. Have a lovely time in Hawaii.