Saturday, October 17, 2009

Last Post from SA for a While

We are chasing around getting stuff into the suitcase in preparation for the trip to Hawaii tomorrow. It's a one hour flight up to Dallas and then eight straight to Honolulu. The Big Question, of course, is how young Marty will take to it, but I must say that having seen how well-behaved he was when we went out for Jeannie's birthday dinner last night I'm more hopeful that he will cope with it.

It almost seems a pity to leave San Antonio today since the temperature has dropped to a very pleasant 24C and the sky is blue, but I daresay Hawaii will be bearable (!)

A few photos follow for the Roo-watchers!

This motorized swing is an important playing place
(Didn't do a very good job with the red eye, did I?)

And it often has this desired effect.

He has a HUGE wardrobe.
This was today's gear, for a slightly cooler day.

Halloween is approaching fast.
No doubt what Marty will be wearing.

And you thought he was perfect, didn't you?

Of course he is when his Papa looks after him.....

......or Granma.
All lies of course. Jac and Jo get him when we have failed!


  1. Dear Buda and Granmar,

    Here is my efforts at writing you a letter....

    ,,mnbvvcz asdffjhjkl;;;;;;===-099`asfh[' ...

    Ok maybe daddy should finish off. I've been having a good time recently. Daddy has finished all his uni and is now able to play with me lots! I really liked the plane picture!!! I really want to see it again! I also like looking at minis on the computer. I went to bamma's house yesterday, and i played cars, with the special ones! These special cars live in the office. We hope granma enjoyed her brithday.

    Here is an another message I justed wanted to write to you...


    Enjoy your trip to Hawaii,

    love from Angie (and Daddy)

  2. That skeleton romper suit is quite the most adorable thing *ever*.

  3. what a wardrobe! I loved the Halloween chilli and glow worm. Will he be an actor? or just like dressing up?